The program covers the entire spectrum of a comprehensive post graduate orthodontic training program and can therefore NOT be partially undertaken

The goal is to equip clinicians with a thorough understanding of ALL aspects of the PRO PLUS system which will enable them to treat malocclusions of ALL levels of severity to high clinical standards with great satisfaction to both Dr and patient.

Subjects covered

The Arch wire – Bracket interface.
The art of Bracket Placement.
Arch wire form & shape.
Biology of tooth movement.
Biomechanics of tooth movement.
Centre line issues and correction.
Common mistakes in Orthodontics.
Comparing various brackets.
Concepts of occlusion.
Diagnosis & treatment planning.
Elastics – Why and when?
Essential early treatment.
Extractions – Is it ever necessary?
Expansion and a Face focussed approach.

Growth Maturation & Cephalometrics.
History of orthodontics.
Keystone articles as reference.
Non extraction treatment – expanding the envelope.
Let’s talk Torque.
Review of relevant literature (Part 1-8).
Mandibular growth and CL II correction.
Medico-legal aspects.
Treatment options in relation to type of malocclusion.
Open bites – The ultimate challenge.
The use of overlays.
Periodontal improvement when using the PLUS system.
Problems to ponder ( Part 1-8 ).
Rapid align treatment.
Surgical orthodontics.

The PRO PLUS evolution.
TMJ related issues.
Treated cases ( Part 1-5 )
When & how to start.
Wire bending videos.
Zero Overjet Enamel Destroyers – A new discovery.


The origin of the

PRO PLUS orthodontic philosophy





The philosophy is based on sound and well researched bio mechanical principles and is NOT COMMERCIALLY DRIVEN


Despite the fact that the attachment used, is shared with the Tip-Edge regimen, the philosophies are TOTALLY different.

Some unique features of the
PRO PLUS treatment system


  • Only ultra-light forces used
  • Highly effective CL II correction and Incisor Intrusion without additional anchorage due to intelligent slot design
  • Unrivaled non extraction rate
  • Effective torque control in the anterior region using only round wire
  • Unsurpassed lower incisor control
  • Exceedingly simplified bio mechanics

Why the tip-edge plus bracket?

Some unique features of the
Tip-Edge PLUS bracket


  • Zero Cuspid Intrusion Negating Effect (Mulligan JCO – June 2009) leading to rapid Incisor Intrusion.
  • Maximum Buccal Effect (Mulligan JCO – June 2009) leading to spontaneous CL II/III correction using only 50 gr of force.
  • Minimum Elastic Binding (Burrow & Proffit JCO – July 2013) resulting in Rapid Tooth Movement without ever using Additional Anchorage.
tip-edge bracket

What others say …?

“The idea behind Tip-Edge PLUS is light years ahead of any other straight wire bracket system – It is the BEST KEPT SECRET in orthodontics”
– Dr Richard Parkhouse –

“I have used different brackets and techniques from straight wire to active passive self-ligation. Now I only use Tip-Edge PLUS. After more than 15 000 cases, I have no doubt that it is a superior bracket.”

– Dr Arturo Vela-Hernandez –

“For more than 10 years, I have chosen Tip-Edge PLUS to meet the most stringent requirements. Because of its small, single wing design the bracket system has plenty of inter-bracket width, allowing engagement of crowded teeth early on and easily in treatment.”
– Dr Bradley Nirenblatt –

The learning experience explained

Each candidate will be presented with a series of at least 60 lectures according to individual rate of progression. Lectures are online and specifically designed to facilitate self study. Shortly after commencement students will be able to start treating their own cases whilst under close guidance and mentorship by Dr Zieg. This format will continue for a 12 month period.

Extended and additional mentorship is available after completion of the program if required.

The PRO PLUS system


maximum buccal effect

‘Buccal Effect’ as described by Mulligan in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics ( JCO 2009 )

According to Mulligan: “ The upper buccal segments will spontaneously distalize with a curve of Spee placed in a round arch wire and light CL II elastics, unless these teeth are hindered from doing so by edgewise brackets placed on them “.

Clinical evidence of using BUCCAL EFFECT to distalize upper buccal segments with ultra-light forces  when using the

The PRO PLUS system


Note space creation and complete CL II correction after just 9 months using only ultra-light forces ( 50gr ) and round arch wires.

control of incisor position

Note good control of incisor position in spite of massive CL II correction.

molar distalization

Cephalometric superimposition presents empirical proof of molar distalization using buccal effect (MULLIGAN).

The PRO PLUS system


zero cuspid intrusion

“CUSPID INTRUSION NEGATING EFFECT’’ as described by Mulligan in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics
( JCO 2009 ).

Understanding ‘Cuspid Intrusion Negating Effect’ forms one of the cornerstones of why the PRO PLUS system is totally unique in allowing rapid incisor intrusion using only Ultra-light forces.

Clinical evidence of ZERO Cuspid Intrusion Negating Effect
when using ONLY ULTRA-LIGHT FORCES and the

The PLUS system

ZERO Cuspid Intrusion Negating Effect

After only 10 Months
Note the massive amount of bite opening by incisor intrusion using only round arch wires.

Note the excellent control of incisor position in the bone with no post Rx root resorption visible.

( In spite of the 11 being root treated prior to treatment )

Note the increase in upper incisor torque using round wires only.


I Dr Zieg J Weber B. D.S. MSc Dent M Dent (Orth) as mentor for Practical Orthodontics Academy of Mentorship (POAM) hereby completely absolve myself of any direct or indirect responsibility resulting in incorrect, unsuccessful or failed orthodontic treatment carried out by mentees of the POAM program on their own patients. As professionally trained clinicians they accept total responsibility for all their patients and the treatment results obtained. The POAM program is purely of an advisory and guiding nature, assisting clinicians in improving their overall skill level while managing orthodontic patients in their own practices.